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March 19, 2011

[Release] Age of Empires II: The Conquerors Expansion Stat Hack (Undetected)

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This is a prelude to an upcoming post on hardware breakpoints through structured and vectored exception handling:

I posted how to bypass Voobly’s anti-cheat a while back (hint: hardware breakpoints). I’ve had this hack developed since writing those articles but since I don’t play the game there is no point in keeping this lying around on my file system. That said, I’ll just release it. I didn’t write a loader for the DLL since there are hundreds out there such as Process Hacker which do the job quite well.
Usage: Inject the DLL to a running instance of Age of Empires II (preferably in the in-game lobby prior to a game starting). F5 toggles between modes, F6 resets the hack in case all players somehow were not captured — this actually should not happen unless the player has not done anything to modify their resource count. This works on single player and multiplayer and as of 9:00PM EST on 03/19/2011 is not detected by Voobly. I make no guarantees after this time and date. Enjoy!
Binary download: here

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