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November 17, 2021

Reverse Engineering REST APIs: Introduction (1/12)

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This series of posts will focus on reverse engineering REST APIs. The APIs that will be discussed are those used by the Age of Empires IV lobby and matchmaking system. These are an internal set of APIs that the game uses in order to retrieve, display, and update information about your account. This includes APIs for your profile, completed challenges, items, news, chat messages, available game lobbies, and many more.

These posts will be broken down into an easy way and a hard, but fun, way to get the same results. The easy way is covered in the next post and shows how to configure third-party tools to intercept and display the data. The rest of the series will focus on the more difficult way of reverse engineering the actual game in order to retrieve the request and response content.

A link to each post is provided below:

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