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July 5, 2022

Creating an Aimbot: Introduction (1/4)

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This series of posts will go over what it takes to build an aimbot – a program that automatically aims at enemies – for an FPS game. The game that we will be building the aimbot for is Half-Life 2, running on the Source engine. The aimbot will run from within the game’s process and use reverse engineered internal game functions to perform its functionality, as opposed to something that runs externally and scans the screen.

The core of the series will be broken down into two parts: first we will take a look at the Source SDK and use it as a guide to reverse engineer the Half-Life 2 executable, then we will use the knowledge that was gained by reversing to build the bot. By the end of the series, we will have written an aimbot that snaps the view angle to the nearest enemy.

A link to each post is provided below:

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