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August 1, 2022

Creating an ESP: Conclusion (4/4)

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That wraps it up for how to create an extra-sensory perception (ESP) hack. Two important concepts were introduced in this series: the world-to-screen transformation, and hooking the underlying graphics API in order to draw information on the game’s screen. Both of these concepts are applicable outside of just developing ESP hacks. World-to-screen, although common in ESPs, can also be used in making bots for when you want your character to react to what is on the screen, i.e. moving towards, or away, from an enemy. Hooking the graphics API has tons of applications, including legitimate ones like drawing third-party overlays on the game’s screen.

The availability of the Source SDK code was a great help throughout both this series and in the creating an aimbot one. By having the source available, we were able to more easily reverse engineer the relevant interfaces and obtain pointers to them at runtime, and we were also able to lift the code responsible for performing the world-to-screen transformation.

The full source code for the ESP hack that was developed throughout this series is available on GitHub.

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